Take a tour of my new website!

Take a tour of my new website!

If you would have told me five years ago that I would be starting my own small business complete with a new website, logo and a portfolio, I never would have believed you.

I mean, I always had the thought in the back of my head that I wanted to be a boss lady, but I never could pinpoint what that would look like or how it would come to fruition. In addition to that, I’ve always been a creative person by nature. I have an art minor from Moravian, and it’s always made me happy when my creative juices are flowing. I feel inspired and alive when I am able to work on projects that bring out that side of me. So without giving too much away about my intentions (because I’d really love for you to read “My Story” on the site), that will explain it all on it’s own. As you will see, my interest and passion for interiors didn’t happen overnight.

On a side note…I’m not quitting my day job. I’m putting that out there because I’m sure I will get asked that question. This new venture will be my little baby that I’ll have on the side, to keep me inspired creatively. But most importantly, my business will give me the opportunity to share my love of design with others. It is my hope that I can help people create a warm, practical and functional space in their homes both in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.


First things first….let’s take a little tour of the website and I’ll show you around a bit.


I love the layout! The way the site was laid out was very important to me. During the design process, I knew I wanted something that was clean and simple, yet would allow the pictures to speak for themselves. I spent a good amount of time looking at other designers’ sites and I was always drawn to those that had good pictures and very few distractions.


Clean, black & white, and just my name. That’s it. Nothing too fancy or overdone.


Ok, I may need some help here….but from my viewpoint, the site is very easy to use. I wanted to make sure my services were very clear, concise, and all in the same place. I’m a first timer here and always eager to learn, so I’d love to hear any comments and suggestions.


Speaking of services, I love how they are broken apart into different categories. No job will be the same, and budgets will very….so prices will be given through quotes. My time and the scope of the project will all be factored into the quotes I give. As always, I will be willing to work with clients to come up with a plan that works for all of us.


This is a fun one! Through this venue, I will be able to take on clients who are not local. eDesign is a service that is fully remote. The client will send me room dimensions and photos, and through a phone or Zoom conference, we will determine the best route to go with the space. In return, I will provide a full vision board complete with fabric, furniture and accessory ideas, product source/shopping list, and design notes. I like to think of eDesign as a DIY option. The client can then take what I gave them and run with it at their own pace and at their own budget.


I’ve decided to still keep my BLOG “Miles of Glam” because that name is special to me, but the cool part is that you can access all of my posts directly from the website under the blog tab for easy reading. I will still have the www.miles-of-glam.com url as well.


Under the “Contact” tab, all of my business contact information including cell and email can be found. Plus, anyone interested in setting up a consultation meeting or getting a free quote on a service, the simple form can be found there as well.


In a nutshell…this is the beginning….and I would LOVE to help you! If you, or someone you know would like to make your home the best it could be, give me a call! Like I said, I work with all abilities and budgets and no job is too small. I truly believe that homes are our safe havens. They should reflect the people who live in them, as well as their personalities and lifestyles. Homes should be a place that you WANT to come home to everyday. You all deserve that…and more!



Photos by: Trish Schoeneck

My Story —

Achieve the Style: Incorporating French Design, Plus my two crushes

Achieve the  Style: Incorporating French Design, Plus my two crushes

Lately I’ve been really having a “thing” for French design. Anything from ornate molding on the walls to faux (or working) fireplaces in a room….I love it all. Unclear whether or not my obsession with Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” has anything to do with it, but when I think about it…everything I love in a room….neutral colors, a balance of history and modern, vintage pieces all can be found in French decor.

I challenge you to do a quick search on Pinterest and you will see what I mean.

And when I look closer at a few of my design crushes on Instagram, even they have influences from the French in their spaces as well. People like Josh Young and Paige Kontrafouris (who I purchased my wrought iron ottoman from through FB Marketplace) both have the pretty white walls, gorgeous molding, and ornate marble mantels all covered in both traditional and abstract art pieces. Josh Young is an artist himself, and I own a piece of his portrait art called The Kristin.

Check out their spaces below and you will see what I mean…

Source: Paige Kontrafouris

Source: Josh Young Design House

Lots of neutral colors, mainly black and white. Vintage pieces, a combination of abstract art with more traditional pieces like busts and gilded frames. And if I had to choose one style that I am constantly drawn to, it would be this.

So where does the Parisian/French part of this post come from? It’s all in the details. Unfussy styling, the molding on the white walls, lots of books and art pieces scattered about. Just like how the French women dress, put together, yet not.

And here is a small corner of our office…You can see Young’s art with my scored ottoman from Paige. You can also see my DIY plaster art, which I think looks pretty good in this grouping!

Can you keep a secret? J doesn’t know it yet, but I’m contemplating painting our office white. I can’t pinpoint what it is, but there is something missing and I think I may have “missed” on choosing the right paint color. Our office is north facing, which means it doesn’t receive a ton of natural light. And sometimes the blue looks almost grey and the lack of light makes it seem “dreary” at times. Does that make sense? It’s just paint after all, right? And in this room, technically it’s only three walls since the fourth consists of the built-ins.

It just dawned on me that I never did a true reveal of our foyer, but here’s a snapshot I took looking down the steps. We incorporated box molding to give that large wall some dimension.

I’m also searching for just the right faux marble mantle. I’m still not sure where it would go — either in the dining room (most likely) or in our bedroom when I finally decide which direction I want to go in there. But for now, it’s the thrill of the hunt and I enjoy that the most!

Orange, Pink and Black Autumn Tablescape

Orange, Pink and Black Autumn Tablescape

A few weeks ago we celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary and it was such a special night for them. Last night we celebrated my mom’s birthday. I won’t give away how old she is, but if you saw her in person, you wouldn’t believe it. She looks amazing and I can only hope that I inherit her good skin genes!

For this table, I used things laying around the house besides the flowers and the thrifted brass and black vase. When I saw this vase the other day, I grabbed it immediately. It is so pretty and very heavy. Just a note: I have a smaller vase inside for the flowers to protect the brass from the water.

TIP: Whenever I am pulling together a table for an event, the week before I start to lay out items on my dining room table. This helps me visualize and really see what I have to work with and what I need. Usually, I design the whole table theme based off of one or two items and in this case, it was the vase and the pink napkins.

Here is my layout for the inspiration:

When I was setting this table yesterday, I was so excited with how it was coming together. It’s amazing how “shopping your own house” for things to use can be so satisfying (to me).

To start, I used this Kate Spade leopard tablecloth as a base layer with the orange runners my mom recently gave me from her stash. I then layered round woven placemats with gold chargers and my white plates. I pulled in the pink color using my linen napkins with old gold leaf napkin rings.

The vintage brass bamboo flatware that I scored from the flea market last weekend pulled the whole look together. The brass utensils contributed to an overall warm and inviting look and I love it so much! And to add some texture and dimension, I threw in a few mini pumpkins at the end.

The menu was very “fall-ish.” I kept to a German meal by serving Sauerbraten with Spaetzle. Such a comforting meal on a chilly day!

For the cake, I ordered a plain chocolate cake with chocolate icing from the grocery store. These packets of sprinkles from Michaels were only a dollar a piece and allowed me to decorate the cake to match the colors of the table!

All of this is great, but what was most important was that my mom had a nice time for her special day. We ended the night watching the local football game on TV….my alma mater vs. the district I work for. It was a good one!

DIY: Painted “Plaster” Art

DIY: Painted “Plaster” Art

I never met a good DIY project that I didn’t love! And there’s nothing like creating something new out of basically nothing.

I had this painting from my old house. It was cool on that gallery wall at the time, but my style has since changed, so it sat idle for a bit. I still loved the frame — it was three-dimensional and unique, but that bird painting just wasn’t cutting it.

Art has many purposes. Sometimes a statement painting steals the show and nothing else can compete. But once in a while, a good “plaster” painting used to fill in among other art pieces adds that “just right” vibe that can elevate the grouping.

To do this DIY, I gathered paintable spackle, a putty knife (but in my case – a small Pampered Chef spatula), and some black spray paint….all items I had on hand.


1. Remove the art from the frame. For this particular piece, I just had to pull out the nails.

2. Go to town with the spackle. There was no rhyme or reason to the application. I just went with what looked neat. I didn’t want it to look too perfect either.

3. Let dry for 24 hours, or at least overnight.

4. Apply a coat or two of spray paint.

5. Insert back into the frame.

That’s it! So, so simple. I love how it turned out! The final projects adds a neat vibe to this little corner of our office, all for no cost at all.

For another DIY art project, check out my black and white abstract!

Tasteful and Chic Halloween Decor

Tasteful and Chic Halloween Decor

Call me crazy, but I’ve never been a Halloween fan. Yes, I played to role of room mom several years back and created spooky parties with food and crafts for the kiddos with my other mom friends. And yes, I do have fun dressing up with my team every year at school. But in the end, the plain pumpkin reigns over the Jack-o-lantern every time for me.

As a mom, I know that kids LOOOOVVVEEE to decorate for Halloween. Now that I think back, my daughter may have been a tad deprived from this whole spooky experience and I feel a little bad about that now. But the more I search, the more I find cute things to display for Halloween. To make sure decorations look chic and not tacky…I think simplicity is the key. Simple, understated props go a long way in keeping with a thoughtful, “pretty” home.

That said, I have been seeing some really cute, stylish Halloween decor around the web that definitely ups the haunt factor of any home. Here’s my round-up of 13 tasteful Halloween decor options that are available now:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

****Featured Image courtesy of Grandin Road

My Parents’ 50th Anniversary

My Parents’ 50th Anniversary

50 years!! How can it be?!? But when I think about it, I’m nearing that milestone so I guess it’s true. Anyway, last night I held a small dinner party to celebrate my parents with family and special friends. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I would do without them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve especially come to really rely on them. My dad is my partner in crime with my home projects and my mom is my advice giver and best friend. So with COVID as active as ever, I thought a small dinner party would be nice to celebrate their special day.

Noreen and Dwayne were married on September 19, 1970 at Sacred Heart Church in Bethlehem Township. When looking through their wedding album, I felt my mom’s forward thinking in her wedding decor choices because she chose an untraditional navy and white with pops of light pink as her colors. She had fresh flowers on her cake rather than the bride/groom topper, and she had a single white dove on the front of each car. She later used one of these doves as a holiday tree topper for years!

Given how pretty everything seemed to be, I decided to use her theme as my inspiration for the table decor and flowers. So without including a ton of verbiage, I thought I would let the pictures speak for themselves.

I posted the above photo a few days ago on social media to showcase my vision for the entire event.

My friends Mario and Dave helped me assemble the menu stands. I purchased 1/2″ copper tubing and fittings from Home Depot and used scrap wood for the base. The cool thing, I can take them apart and use them again in the future!

To mimic the white doves, I picked up these faux white birds from Hobby Lobby and stuck a skewer in each to use as the stick.

I couldn’t find the exact runner I wanted, so I bought a yard of upholstery fabric, cut it in half, ironed and glued the edges under, and it created the table backdrop I needed for just a few dollars.

For favors, I purchased these wine tumblers from Amazon. Each adult used their own and was able to take it home with them. Plus I attached a name tag on each so we could keep track of which cup belonged to whom.

My version of a charcuterie tray!

To keep the toxins from getting into the cake, I used straws to surround the stems of each bloom. You can also use plastic wrap and straws to be extra safe.

My mom and my aunt!

The HAPPY couple!!! xoxoxo

Mario’s Italian Eatery | The Entry

Mario’s Italian Eatery | The Entry

I recently posted about a super-fun project that I’m working on, which you can find right here.  But as a quick recap, I’m working with soon-to-be local business owner [Mario Famularo] to fine tune the interiors of his new restaurant…Mario’s Italian Eatery.

If someone asked me to assign a name to the future vibe of the place, I’d have to go with rustic meets eclectic/industrial with a touch of glam.  There’s plenty of “rustic” with the wooden elements he’s created.  Mario has put together shelves using reclaimed wood to house his array of Italian groceries.  He also is using old crates for storage and display of goods. In addition, the place is set down in an old, industrial factory that was once a silk mill.  With all of that working in his favor…it’s now my job to balance all of those cool details with other design elements to create an eye-pleasing space that is fun to either grab take-out or dine in with friends.

Here’s a few photos of what the place looks like currently and you may recognize a few of the photos from my post.

As someone who tends to mix and match different design styles, I’m loving the wooden aesthetic.  But also as someone who feels a space needs a mixture of metals and finishes and color, my plan is to bring in a few unexpected touches that will be featured throughout this series of blog posts as we progress.

Today I want to focus on the entry.  As you walk into the restaurant, you will be greeted with the seating along the right wall, as well as the counter with cases of meats and cheeses, etc.  With the image of the reclaimed wood in the back of my head, I wanted to balance that rustic vibe with a more modern, clean/classic look.  I gave Mario three different scenarios for the counter space as shown on the right side of the vision board below.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 3.59.51 PM

First option is to stay with the wood theme below the counter top, but couple it with a sleek marble-like top with bronze graining instead of grey.  Second counter option would be to do black picture frame molding or wainscoting, but use a grey veined marble top.  A third (out of the box) option is to use a fun tile with a butcher block counter top.  You can see all three in the image above.  Right now Mario is leaning towards option 2 – the black counter faces with white marble tops.  Since the floor is a brown concrete, the black painted wood with white top will provide a neutral backdrop when displaying all of the fun goodies that he will have to offer.

In addition to the counter, there are a few other entry touches I want to talk about….

~ A wall-mounted butcher paper note roll – This would be a cool way to display daily specials, upcoming events, or anything…. maybe even a quote of the week.  It adds a personal touch to a busy restaurant.

~ Plenty of live green plants and florals – Green plants are a must in every room, and I have a cool feature idea coming in a future post that ties in with greenery!

~ A large, gold, modern chandelier hung above the door to offset the other lighting we have planned (more on that to come).

~ A colorful rug to greet customers at the door to soften the industrial vibe and make them feel welcome and at home.

~ And a large menu board placed strategically that is done in a graphically-pleasing way for all to see!

I know I’ve said it before, but I am thrilled to be a part of this project!  Seeing a space start with the bare bones and come together into something pretty spectacular is so exciting to me.  This experience has inspired me to finally get my own design business started and in case you missed that announcement, you can read all about it here!

Stay tuned for more progress of Mario’s, including the seating area plan, cool bathroom ideas, and the feature I am MOST excited about!


Trend: Cane Furniture, Accessories, Etc…

Trend: Cane Furniture, Accessories, Etc…

It’s been over a week since my elbow surgery and I can finally ‘semi-function’ without the drudgery of the huge brace/wrap that I endured while healing. I still have a while to go with recovery, but being able to use both hands is bliss.

And in case you missed my most recent posts, I talked about my new business here and the cool project I am working on here. My new website is currently in the works as I type this, and progress with new clients is stalled for a slight bit because of my condition. That said, I’m so excited to start taking on projects soon!

Today’s post is about a trend that I’m seeing all over the place…caned decor that includes furniture, accessories, lighting, etc. I know you’ve seen it….it’s the light and airy woven material that is often used on chair seats and backs, as well as on the faces of dresser drawers. My mom (still has) a chair that has lived in their home for years, and it’s still going strong.

The other day I was thumbing through the new Crate and Barrel catalog and a few of their items caught my eye. From chairs, to tables, to even baby cribs…so, so pretty. I really love how the caning adds such a warm texture to the pieces.

Serena and Lily also has some cool pieces, very similar to Crate and Barrel’s items. I LOVE the daybed!

This look is a rather traditional style, but I feel that it complements well with styles such as boho, mid century modern, and chinoiserie. I’ve also recently found cool club chairs and other items on Facebook Marketplace that would elevate the vibe of any space without the investment.

My take:

For me, I wanted to start small so the other day I picked up this piece at Hobby Lobby. Technically, I think it’s a candle holder, but I would definitely add fresh flowers to it using a smaller mason jar inside to hold the water. The beauty of smaller accessories is that you can latch on to any trend and engage in the fresh styles without the expense of big ticket items. And as I said before, don’t forget to check sources such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace too!

Thoughts? Love it or hate it? Or, meh? xo

Commercial Project | Mario’s Italian Eatery: The Bare Bones

Commercial Project | Mario’s Italian Eatery: The Bare Bones

Sometimes really cool things happen. And when they do, that’s code to go full swing ahead!

A few weeks ago a friend called to say that she knows a guy who is opening a new restaurant and he needs a fresh eye with the interior design. So based on her recommendation, he wanted to meet with ME. At first, I was shocked, but once the whole idea sunk in, I was stoked!

Mario Famularo will be opening Mario’s Italian Eatery, which is located in the Silk Mill on 13th Street in Easton, PA. If you’re not familiar, this is a cool area of town that has been converted from an old factory to shops, restaurants, businesses, restaurants, and condos. The vibe is super hip and it’s usually bustling each time I visit.

Fun fact: My grandmother worked at a slip factory in this mill during the 1930’s. She walked to and from work from Phillipsburg, NJ, just to save the nickel bus toll.

Upon meeting Mario, I realized that he had a solid vision. With an art background himself, he already had a few items in place to serve as a springboard for the rest of the design to follow. Rustic wooden shelves, vintage crates, industrial exposed ceiling, all begging to be dressed up a bit with color, pattern, art, greenery, and texture.

Let’s take a little tour of the space as it is now. As you can see, there’s so much potential.

Looking at the front entrance
The large back wall will be the future kitchen.
Vintage crates to be used for storage.
View of the back corner and future site of one of the counters.
This old scale belonged to his parents.
This corner will be where the Coffee and Espresso bar will go. The bathroom is to the right of the brick wall.
From the inside looking out – the sign you see from the street.
Another view of the space and how the kitchen will be incorporated into the restaurant.

So now the fun part begins. I submitted a few vision boards to Mario the other day, and we are currently analyzing what is needed and choosing what will work in the space. My plan is to show you all of this….the design whole process, from beginning to end. It is my hope that you will follow along.

In case you’re wondering, Mario plans to offer the community his homemade pasta, cured meats and artisan cheeses, pizza, sandwiches/paninis, Italian imported products, and a coffee/espresso bar. His website can be found here.

Restaurant address: Mario’s Italian Eatery, 669 N 13th Street, Unit A-102, Easton, PA 18042


Before I end this post, I want to thank all of you who reached out with notes of congratulations and best wishes. Yesterday I officially announced my new venture…the interior design business that I wanted to start for a while. TRACY WARTMAN DESIGN will soon be official, complete with a new website, blog, and room reveals that have been waiting to be shared!

New Venture….Coming Soon!

New Venture….Coming Soon!

I know I’ve hinted about this a few times (here) and (here), but I’m so excited to announce that my new design business in is the works…for real! Without giving too much away about a very exciting project that I am working on right now, this endeavor has made me take a hard look at my future goals. The business was always in the back of my mind as something that I wanted to do, but I needed that push forward to take the plunge. Ultimately, I realized that there is no time like the present to begin.


By trade, I am a teacher with a marketing and event planning background. However, over the years, design has increasingly become an extreme hobby of sorts, a passion that I constantly research, study, and execute in my own home. I’ve learned to love and appreciate all spaces that are put together with purpose, love, and function. Clean lines, textures, color or no color, modern vs traditional (or a combination of both). It’s so addicting to scroll through Instagram and look at the beautiful spaces pulled together by talented men and women all over the world. Over time, I too was sucked in and started dabbling here and there.

I started this blog as an outlet to display my projects. I craved one spot where I was able to unleash my creative juices and share what I was working on with others. And over time, I have been humbled by the amazing feedback to my interior posts and the many of you that have reached out to me for design advice. So, here I am….ready to take the plunge.


First off, the name of this blog will be replaced and rebranded to become my new business name…TRACY WARTMAN DESIGN. I will be sure to promote all of this when the changes happen.

A sampling of services offered:

  • Paint Color Selection
  • Selection of Materials & Finishes – always tons of choices!
  • Accessorizing a space to “cozy” it up a bit
  • Gallery Wall Planning and Installation
  • Bookshelf Styling
  • Room in a Day – I would “shop your house” and rearrange your space to create a whole new vibe using items you already own
  • Vision Board Planning – sending you off in the right direction to create a space you will love
  • Plus more!

Once the new site is established, I plan to reveal our home office, the renovated foyer, our living room, and the downstairs powder room, complete with professional photos to really showcase the aesthetics. These spaces haven’t been properly displayed with all of you, and I’m excited to share. I also can’t wait to talk about a new project I am working on (as noted above)…more on that Friday.

So here we are…my passion is becoming a reality. I’ve always believed that if you want something, go for it. Playing it safe leaves you wondering what if? And I really don’t want to get any older and regret not taking a chance. So, if you or someone you know may be interested in speaking with me about my services, I’d love to chat! I can be reached at tracywartmandesign@gmail.com.

One last thing…a HUGE thank you to all of you who believed in me along the way. Your love and support means the world. xo

Photo credit: Elizabeth Henson Photography