Powder Room Refresh ~ Wallpaper Samples & a Decision

A few weeks back I featured J’s powder room…the one that was due for a refresh.


After some discussion, we decided on a few things to be added to the room:

  • Removable wallpaper in a fun pattern
  • Painted molding on the lower half of the bathroom in a darker color
  • Pedestal sink to stay
  • New mirror, lighting and accessories
  • Needs to be functional and durable
  • He needs to like it!

Once we narrowed down what we wanted, I created a few vision boards so he could get a feel for the space using the wallpaper choices.

I ordered the samples and after a bit of time, they finally came in.


We taped the samples up to see which, if any, we liked best.  After several views and a few discussions, everyone had different votes.  J and I liked the black and white southwestern print.  His daughter and two youngest sons were in favor of the grey trellis.  The oldest son couldn’t decide.


I wasn’t in a rush to make a decision.  I think it’s important to take your time when making any home improvement, large or small.  In my home, it took me almost two and a half years to choose a chandelier and it finally went up just after Christmas.  This bathroom is no different.  It is a space that is heavily used and I want the final paper choice to be the right one for everyone.

The final decision? We went with the black and white southwestern print.  I am in the process of ordering it at the moment, and hopefully it won’t take too long to come in.

I also have J’s rockstar uncle coming over to help me with the carpenter-type stuff like  hanging the molding, patching the holes from the existing lights and installing new ones…tasks like that.  He will be giving me a timeline on how he wants to proceed with this project and I’m excited for that.  I usually have a vision and can do minor things like painting and hanging pictures, but I need a little help with the bigger jobs.  I hope you continue to follow along because I am super excited to see the result!

Just like I love fine wine and dark chocolate, I'd love to hear from you too!