My morning with Stylist Eddie Ross

Can I just tell you how much I love Eddie Ross?  My love affair first started when I spotted his book, Modern Mix.  The book was released back in 2015 when I was first dabbling with interior design in my home.  I was playing with patterns and styles, DIYing everything, and scouring design blogs for inspiration.  But back then, I didn’t realize what true treasures one can find at flea markets and thrift stores if you just open your eyes and look around.  Eddie was certainly my inspiration to finding my own style — which I like to call rustic glam.  Over time, I developed a deep appreciation for the true treasures you can score at these places.  Things that were once loved in someone else’s home and are given new life in mine.  My favorite thing to say to a vendor when haggling for a precious find is “it will go to a good home.”  This always makes the vendor smile and usually seals the deal.

Anyway, back to Eddie.  I took my mom to spend a morning at his Maximalist Studio in Norristown, PA.  He was leading his first Style School titled “Oh My Gourd” and we were going to design pumpkins using upholstery tacks.  Genius!  No mess!

When we got there, we were welcomed into the AMAZING space with light breakfast foods and mimosas in their kitchen.  Eddie said that the kitchen is often rented out for food styling shoots.  The flowers and presentation was lovely.

I was in love with every single detail of their space.  The colors, the neutralness (is that a word?), the texture, light and attention to detail.




Check out these curated spaces within the studio.  My jaw was consistently dropping as I toured the warehouse.


The kitchen was perfectly done using whites and stainless steel which serves as the perfect backdrop for any food photo shoot.



Check out the tree “growing” out of this table!  It can be changed with the seasons…


The dogs were the stars of the show.  They were so gentle and loving to everyone.  Check out the bamboo doggie bed and whiskey dog toy.  I’ve decided that I want to come back as their dogs in my next life! 🙂




Eddie left the old freight elevator in tact for guests to use as a way up to a party of event.


The prop room.  What I wouldn’t do for a space to store all of my props.  Just take a look at his collection!  Plates, candlesticks, pillows, chairs, bowls…you name it.  It was a style girl’s dream!  Eddie even joked…he’s not a hoarder, it’s his job to have all of this!  🙂


Next part of the morning….entering the Gallery part of the studio for the class!


The staged living room in the gallery…So simple, but definitely not.


Another staged area in the gallery…


Ready to start the workshop!



We were able to choose a faux and a real pumpkin to adorn with upholstery tacks and they had such a variety.  Lots of different metals, shapes, sizes and textures.




Eddie’s sample pumpkins…




I think Eddie got a kick out of my mom.  She gave him a hug and kiss for helping her with her pumpkin.


My two finished products: a take on a leopard faux pumpkin and a Kelly Wearstler spiked head inspired (real) pumpkin.  I plan on saving the tacks for future pumpkins!


Here are a few final products from others in our group:


What a fun morning to spend with my mom (on her birthday).  We talked and laughed from start to finish!


My pumpkins at home…



Just like I love fine wine and dark chocolate, I'd love to hear from you too!