I’m a Coffee Table Book Addict

I admit it.  I’m a big sucker for a good coffee table book.  The more unusual the cover or size, the better.  I love books that are beautifully adorned with abstract art, textiles, paintings, or prints.  I also love spines that have titles spelled out in a beautifully written font or in big, bold letters.  Most people have some type of collection.  I guess you could say that I collect pretty books.

One day I would love a bookshelf that lines an entire wall of a room or study.  One that has many shelves to showcase all of the books I’ve collected over the years.  That way, my entire collection could come together in a spot that highlights their uniqueness all in one place.

I took a few snapshots around the house to show you how and where I style them.  Some are older pictures, and some are current.  I often use books to give height to other objects.  Sometimes they are on their own as a design piece, and sometimes they are used to hide unsightly wires on the mantle or a book shelf.

Take a look…


Tip:  Sometimes I wrap books in pretty wrapping paper to jazz them up a bit.  I just use the “old school” book covering technique I used back in middle school.


The other day I picked up this (prefect condition) Elizabeth Taylor book at the thrift store.  Tip: I like to take off the book jacket because I love the linen texture that lies underneath.


So what are your thoughts?  Do you collect anything?  xoxo


Just like I love fine wine and dark chocolate, I'd love to hear from you too!