My morning with Stylist Eddie Ross

My morning with Stylist Eddie Ross

Can I just tell you how much I love Eddie Ross?  My love affair first started when I spotted his book, Modern Mix.  The book was released back in 2015 when I was first dabbling with interior design in my home.  I was playing with patterns and styles, DIYing everything, and scouring design blogs for inspiration.  But back then, I didn’t realize what true treasures one can find at flea markets and thrift stores if you just open your eyes and look around.  Eddie was certainly my inspiration to finding my own style — which I like to call rustic glam.  Over time, I developed a deep appreciation for the true treasures you can score at these places.  Things that were once loved in someone else’s home and are given new life in mine.  My favorite thing to say to a vendor when haggling for a precious find is “it will go to a good home.”  This always makes the vendor smile and usually seals the deal.

Anyway, back to Eddie.  I took my mom to spend a morning at his Maximalist Studio in Norristown, PA.  He was leading his first Style School titled “Oh My Gourd” and we were going to design pumpkins using upholstery tacks.  Genius!  No mess!

When we got there, we were welcomed into the AMAZING space with light breakfast foods and mimosas in their kitchen.  Eddie said that the kitchen is often rented out for food styling shoots.  The flowers and presentation was lovely.

I was in love with every single detail of their space.  The colors, the neutralness (is that a word?), the texture, light and attention to detail.




Check out these curated spaces within the studio.  My jaw was consistently dropping as I toured the warehouse.


The kitchen was perfectly done using whites and stainless steel which serves as the perfect backdrop for any food photo shoot.



Check out the tree “growing” out of this table!  It can be changed with the seasons…


The dogs were the stars of the show.  They were so gentle and loving to everyone.  Check out the bamboo doggie bed and whiskey dog toy.  I’ve decided that I want to come back as their dogs in my next life! 🙂




Eddie left the old freight elevator in tact for guests to use as a way up to a party of event.


The prop room.  What I wouldn’t do for a space to store all of my props.  Just take a look at his collection!  Plates, candlesticks, pillows, chairs, bowls…you name it.  It was a style girl’s dream!  Eddie even joked…he’s not a hoarder, it’s his job to have all of this!  🙂


Next part of the morning….entering the Gallery part of the studio for the class!


The staged living room in the gallery…So simple, but definitely not.


Another staged area in the gallery…


Ready to start the workshop!



We were able to choose a faux and a real pumpkin to adorn with upholstery tacks and they had such a variety.  Lots of different metals, shapes, sizes and textures.




Eddie’s sample pumpkins…




I think Eddie got a kick out of my mom.  She gave him a hug and kiss for helping her with her pumpkin.


My two finished products: a take on a leopard faux pumpkin and a Kelly Wearstler spiked head inspired (real) pumpkin.  I plan on saving the tacks for future pumpkins!


Here are a few final products from others in our group:


What a fun morning to spend with my mom (on her birthday).  We talked and laughed from start to finish!


My pumpkins at home…



Autumn anniversary Table

Autumn anniversary Table

This week my parents will be celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary and usually this time of year I try to incorporate the colors of the season into the table.  Lots of warmth and texture always make for an inviting setup.  So when I found the mini pumpkins and the pumpkin side dishes at Target, I knew they would be my jumping off point for the color theme.  The brass leaf napkin rings are also a classic find from Target.


When I saw the deep red mums at my favorite flower market, I was drawn to them.  In my mind, I went back and forth with how they would blend with hues of blue and green, but now I’m digging the contrast.  Everything else in the vase came from my yard. Tip: Don’t be afraid to search your own property for interesting add-ins for floral arrangements!



The menu was a very simple, prepare-ahead list of items which I found mostly on Pinterest.


Honey Drizzed Apples with Gouda and Bacon

Autumn Tortellini Pasta Salad

Sweet Corn Pudding

Dessert was a delicious apple pie that I sampled a few weeks ago at Sam’s Club, and I knew I would be back to get it when I was entertaining.  I heated it slightly and served it with vanilla ice cream.  So yummy!

J’s parents joined us too.  Whenever we are all together we hear the same stories, the same names, and lots of laughter, and I love these kind of Sunday nights!  XO



Third time’s a charm: Powder Room Vision Board

I know I have been talking about a powder room refresh for a long time, but I’ve found myself never able to fully commit to something that I loved.  Two times in the past year I created new vision boards and asked for input, but in the end, I wasn’t feeling it.  Playing around with many samples of removable wallpaper made my family crazy.  Some samples even hung in the bathroom for months, and I wasn’t sold on any of them.

Enter this piece of art I found at Home Goods a few weeks ago. I LOVE it!  Everything about it was just what I was looking for without the commitment of wallpaper, removable or not.  Plus, I couldn’t beat the price.


I always knew I wanted to go ‘dramatic’ in this space.  Powder rooms are so easy to test out styles and extend comfort zones since they are smaller in size.  Our room in particular is very narrow and has high ceilings, so the more drama the better!

Here is my vision board thus far.  Black walls with picture frame molding, bold striped ceiling with white crown molding, gold and chrome accents, some wooden elements for softness, a few added abstract art pieces, and new lighting.  The original white pedestal sink is staying, but I want to add an updated facet.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 3.02.57 PM

I also found a white mirror very similar to the one above at Home Goods.  It’s perfect because it’s tall and narrow.  My friends were a little hesitant when I said I was going with black walls, but J told them just to trust me with design.  I love him for that!

Paint color: Tricorn black by Sherwin Williams. It’s a neutral black with no strong undertones.


Here are a few images that served as inspiration:

Donna Dotan Photography Inc.





 Pinterest Addict


My Domaine

What are your thoughts?

Touches of fall around the home

Touches of fall around the home

This weekend I spent a little time putting out some touches of fall around J’s house.  Some areas (i.e. the front foyer) were slightly nontraditional, but in other rooms I stuck to lots of texture, warmth and neutrals with pops of traditional fall colors here and there.



I curated a blue vignette in the front foyer to coordinate with the new gallery wall.


The front room temporarily houses all of my extra design elements that are waiting to find homes.


I kind of have a “thing” for pumpkins!  If you missed my nontraditional tablescape at my house, you can check it out here.

Nontraditional Fall Table

Nontraditional Fall Table

With Labor Day behind us, this weekend I got in the mood to start thinking about fall around my home.  I found this offset plum pumpkin at Home Goods and fell in love with the shape and color.  That said, I did NOT need another faux pumpkin in my house but it somehow made its way home with me.

I added some pinkish placemats, a large woven tray, a “grateful” bottle opener, a candle, and some hydrangeas from my yard.  Together, they all pulled together to create a tablescape with no orange or red.





Front Foyer Gallery Wall

Front Foyer Gallery Wall

Last year I went to a warehouse sale and bought six huge frames that I knew would be perfect in our foyer.  Fast forward to last month’s photo shoot on the beach and I finally had the pretty pictures to put everything together.  The frames were a champagne color which blended right into the wall.  No good.  So I sprayed them a fresh white which popped against the darker wall hue.

Whenever I hang a gallery wall, I start out by tracing each piece on large paper and hanging them using painters tape.  This is a great way to get a good visual of the final product before putting any nails into the wall.  Plus, you are able to manipulate the items until you end up with something you really love.  In my opinion, this step is worth the time and effort.


Next, I went through our online photo gallery (Elizabeth Henson in Sandbridge, VA), chose the six pictures I wanted to display and ordered them on mpix.  Highly recommend them both!!  Here they are in the frames laying on the floor.


My rockstar dad came to help me hang them.  Let me say that it wasn’t the easiest job trying to get everything lined up perfectly, but he did it!  He’s the best!


I am in love with the final product!  I am thinking a bench of some sort needs to be below the photos.  Maybe?


A view looking back into the house…


This dresser and mirror are currently in the foyer as well.  The gallery wall was a start to this area of the house, but there are a few updates I would like to make eventually:

  • New mirror and dresser
  • Lighter paint color
  • Stain/paint the railing and steps a darker color and install a runner.


I’d love to know what you think!  xo

bourbon-themed 50th birthday party

Ok, so summer flew and I’m looking at single digits before starting school.  How in the world did that happen?  Although there were zero posts on here, I was able to travel and do a few projects around the house so summer wasn’t wasted entirely.

This past weekend I threw J a 50th birthday party.  He did know the date and location, but I left the other details of the party a surprise…i.e. guests, decor, food, etc.  I went with the traditional black, white and gold theme for a half decade celebration, but I wanted to add some masculinity and personal touches as well.  For this, I incorporated bourbon bottles and favor bags, with brown wooden accents.  And God bless my friend who works in a bar for collecting the bottles and other fun pieces to add to the theme.

I also collected a few beer bottles to make this vase.  I love it!  Feel free to breeze through the plethora of photos of the night…





The favors were homemade chocolate covered pretzels in these bourbon bags.  Apparently they are used to crush ice (somehow), but I thought they were cute favor bags.



J’s parents helped me gather some old photos to hang.  To create this display, I found this old frame at the thrift store for four bucks, added eye hooks and tied some string across.  So easy and super cute!  I’m thinking of using it to display holiday cards this year.


The outside table donned these centerpieces. I found little vases from the dollar store that fit perfectly inside these booze boxes and just added fresh flowers.



How cute are these cake toppers that were a digital file from Etsy?  I just had to upload a photo and they were sent to me in a few hours.  Thank you to my mom for cutting most of them out!


For someone who doesn’t like a lot of attention drawn to him, I know he had a fun time socializing with some old high school and college buddies, family and friends.  xo


Preview: Deck Refresh

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to three days off!  Even though some rain is in the forecast, we have a 50th birthday party at one of my favorite restaurants, a holiday picnic, and a baseball game with the kids.  I also have some free time carved out while J is golfing to just putz around the house and I love that too.

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to get the deck ready for the summer season.  I got my flowers last weekend and they are potted and ready to go.  We ordered this zebra rug from Wayfair and it is perfect to slide under my outdoor sectional that we brought over from my home.  Finally, we pulled the plug on the awning purchase and that should be installed in about two weeks.  I am so excited for the addition of the awning because I think the deck will be used a heck of a lot more with protection from the shade.  The deck is in an all-afternoon sun area and often is way too hot to enjoy.

The existing deck was composed of brown tones similar to the picture below.  To pull everything together and to keep it from looking one-dimensional, here is my vision…

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 11.12.49 AM

I incorporated lots of neutrals (blacks, browns, tans and whites) with pops of green, coral  and pink.  A few years ago I purchased an elephant garden stool very similar to the one in the picture above from a flea market.  It made its way down to J’s house along with the sectional and it fits in perfectly.  I love him!

The house is covered in tan siding and the deck is brown, so to add some contrast we went with a black and tan striped awning, rather than plain black.  I thought the stripe added a slight touch of pattern without being overwhelming.  And of course I’m a sucker for a good animal print, so this rug fit the bill to pull the deck together.

Here are some other snapshots of the flowers and pots…


Sometimes it is difficult to envision everything put together and these vision boards always help me see the whole picture. And J too!  This weekend my plan is to set as much up on the deck as possible, minus the awning.  Once that is installed, I’ll be sure to do a complete post on the final product.  I’m fairly certain everyone in the family is going to love it, including me with a glass of wine and a good book. xo

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always sentimental to me.  I always, always recognize my own mom for the dedication and unwavering support that she’s provided to me and my daughter over the years.  I know I can count on her always, and look forward to my quick “check-in” phone call each and every day.  These five minutes on the phone make her day and mine.


This day also reminds me of my most important job in the world…being a mom.  My daughter has made it fairly easy for me and I really can’t complain.  She is a good student, and most importantly, she’s a kind and caring person.  I always want the best for her, and I want her to know that she is capable to do whatever she wants in her life.  The sky is the limit.


Finally, Mother’s Day stirs up memories of my grandmothers who are no longer with us.  Both were so special in their own individual way and I miss them so much.  They added so much to my childhood memories…the sleepovers, the pierogies, the jelly cookies, the list goes on.  Their values and kindness still remain with me today and I am forever thankful for having them in my life.


J is obviously not a mom, but I love being a part of his kids’ lives.  They make me smile and never leave room for a dull moment.  Life is full and happy in this house!

This year I didn’t do too much of a tablescape since we had about 30 people for dinner.  But, I took my favorite “face vase” and added some roses and greens to create a pretty centerpiece for the meal.

I hope that all the moms out there had an amazing day!

Beach Wedding Weekend: What I plan to wear

J and I will be heading to Marco Island, Florida for a beach wedding in the near future and I’m so excitedI  I can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun and put my toes in the sand, but that said, it’s been a little tricky to narrow down a dress for the “Resort Casual Attire” dress code.  At first I really didn’t know what that meant, but after some research…it can mean just about anything fit for a casual affair.  Who knew?

The party the night before the wedding is said to be super casual.  Shorts, t-shirts and flip flops are appropriate.  However, I love me a good sundress, so that’s what I will be wearing.  I chose this navy and white gingham number that I got on a super sale this past weekend at JCrew.  The XS fit best overall, but I just had tack the straps since they were a little long.  I LOVE this dress.  The weight of the fabric is perfect and essentially non-wrinkle, and it’s very flattering.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 12.50.35 PM

Since I love to be comfortable, especially at weddings, I opted for a lavender fit and flare option with the ability to add a scarf to wrap around my shoulders in case it gets chilly.  I had to size up in this dress based on the reviews, so I ordered a medium.  I love that it’s versatile enough to go from flats to heels in a heartbeat and the see-through lace on the lower half of the dress makes it cooler in the warm Florida temps.  Plus, the color is just so, so pretty!


Saturday night’s dinner will be another casual event.  I’m not sure exactly where we are going yet, but “Derby hats” are welcome.  I chose this flowy dress from Hi Sugarplum’s line at Nordstrom.  I can pair any hat with it, as well as jewelry, and I will be super comfortable.


I also opted to pack several pairs of shoes that can either dress up or down the dress depending on how I feel.  I just got these flat sandals from DSW in white and I know they will work with any of the dresses I bring. My gold Havaina’s will also be in my suitcase to wear as slippers in the hotel room, for trips to the pool or beach, and they also can be worn with any of the outfits I bring because of their neutral metallic color.  I’ll also be packing a pair of tan wedges and white sneakers. Finally, a thin sweater or jean jacket (I haven’t decided yet) will cover my bare arms in case I get chilly.

Stay tuned for more pictures as the festivities transpire!