Alice in Wonderland Cast Party

It’s been two weeks since my daughter’s play ended, but I thought I would share a few snapshots of the cast party that followed the four performances that weekend.  The cast party is something that I get involved in as a parent because my schedule doesn’t often allow for me to go to after school rehearsals.  For this year, I went with the Queen of Hearts/red roses/black and white theme.

The students were welcomed with the favor table.  I bought black and white fabric and used it throughout the rooms as a base.  Super fun fact:  The stage parents actually laid black and white vinyl tiles on the stage as a temporary floor and it was amazing!  So I thought this fabric would be the perfect touch.

The tables were set with black tablecloths and the fabric.  I used my own gold chargers and sprinkled red hearts which were found before Valentine’s Day at the dollar store.  I made the centerpieces using playing cards taped inside, and bundled faux red roses, also from the dollar store.  To add height, I ordered mylar balloons.  Thanks to my mom, this was a chore getting them out of the store and into the hall!!



We had two additional tables set up – one where the kids could write wishes for all of the 8th graders and the other where kids wrote notes to the director and assistant director.  I created the signs using wrapping paper that I already had and Lisa ordered the journals from Etsy.




My talented friend, Lisa, coordinated most of the party, but her definite claim to fame were her cupcakes.  Look at them!  She made them look like the “Painting the Roses Red” scene from the play!!


To distinguish the favor table, I used my letter board and placed it on a vintage gold easel found at a flea market a few years ago.  That easel gets more use that I ever thought!



For favors, each child received an organza bag with their names on it.  Inside was a printed tag from Etsy with a vintage key attached.  The bag also included their personalized note from the director.  Each cast member also got to take a poster signed by everyone in the play.



Overall, it was a fun night for the kids.  Next year’s show wasn’t announced yet, but I know each child went home with a smile on their face.  And I went home and got into my robe and enjoyed a nice glass of red!



A Teenage Birthday Dinner

A Teenage Birthday Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Week!  We are now officially entering into my favorite time of year.  It’s that time that runs from Thanksgiving all the way through the new year and I love every minute of it!

I know it’s been a bit since I posted, but I have been crazy busy.  Between school, finalizing the details on the family room, and getting all my shopping done before my surgery in a few weeks, I feel like I’ve been a little overwhelmed.

By the way…I did order a coffee table but I chose one that was completely different from the rest and I LOVE it!  I went with this one from World Market.  It is has a live edge on top, but it isn’t overly woodsy or rustic.  The table is long and narrow and has a very slim design.  Just what I needed.  Plus, World Market is still offering 40% all furniture.

On to the post…my daughter turned 14 a few weeks ago but we had her family party yesterday.  It was the only day that seemed to work for everyone and I’m glad we waited.  It gave me a little more time to plan.  Right now she is into pinks, blushes and golds.  We just redid her room in those same colors and I have to admit, I’m a fan too.  I started with the peachy pink napkins and the gold cacti as a jumping point and everything came together from there.

Each kid got to take home a cactus with their name on it as a favor.  Funny thing, even the boys were digging them!  As always, I created a menu of her favorite items, and the mom of a former student made these amazing cookies for everyone.  How great are they?

So take a few moments and have a look.  It weighs on the side of picture overload, but I couldn’t help it with the flowers.  They were my favorite part.  Have a great day! xo


Note the paint samples in the background!


Beauty and The Beast Jr Wrap up | Cast Party

Beauty and The Beast Jr Wrap up | Cast Party

First, I want to thank everyone who reached out to Payton with good luck wishes and congratulatory sentiments for her big weekend.  Their production of Beauty and Beast Jr. was beyond amazing and I was especially proud as her mom to see her shine in her role as Mrs. Potts.  I think I was more nervous than she was on opening night, but that just shows the differences in our personalities!  If you missed Friday’s post, you can catch it here.

Last night was a late one since the cast party for the kids followed the closing show.  Can I just tell you what an amazing job my friend [Lisa] did on planning this party and making it come to life?  Last year she already had ideas in her head for this year’s party and everything looked so beautiful!  I snapped a few photos so you can see, but I apologize that they may not be of the best quality.

At the end of the party the director gives each child a photo of each cast, along with a favor.  I was in charge of creating the favor for each child this year.  My goal was to give them something useful, yet fun.  I thought it would be a good idea to give them a frame to put their photo in, hence the useful part.  To let them know what the frame was for, I created a little note telling them to place their photo in the frame to preserve their EHTC Beauty and the Beast memories.  In addition, the tags had their names on them and on the back was a personalized paragraph written exclusively for each child by the director.  I was planning on showing my daughter’s paragraph, but she won’t let me!  She said it’s too personal.



All 101 of them in my living room!



The most anticipated event of the party was the announcement of next year’s show. It was the talk of the dressing room all week and guesses were all over the map.  After much anticipation, next year’s show is going to be….Alice in Wonderland!

There were lots of smiles at the party, but a whole lot of tears…especially by the exiting 8th graders.  These kids put their heart and soul into this production since auditions in September and I remember from last year, leaving the cast party was very emotional for all of them.  They have created memories to last a lifetime and I am so proud of my daughter and all of her classmates for a job well done!

After all the festivities ended and the venue was cleaned up, it was a quiet ride home.  My daughter was very sad that her journey has ended for this school year.  Performance weekend includes the highest of highs, but ends in a big old low.  What’s most important are the memories she will take with her forever.  Until next year!